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1988 R100GS

Weight 446 lb.
Acquired June 2007
Starting miles 124241
Current miles 131777

'88 was the first year for the GS. This one arrived with 23,000 miles on the odometer but with a replacement VIN. A top-end inspection showeed valve wear that looked more like 123,000 so that's what I'm calling it.

The '88 often arrived with the US-spec fender brace which enables the owner to mount the high fender low against the wheel. IMO this looks ridiculous; in '89 a low fender was introduced along with the curved fender brace.

The US-made '88 fender brace, for mounting the high fender low. The curved '89-on brace. The low fender mounts to the holes with the plastic plugs in them.



So far, none. Will be painted like the R80GS Basic and it might receive an overhaul of the switches and wiring, to bring it to '91-on spec.


Stock shock leaked, replaced by Ohlins. :)