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1993 R1100RS

Weight 534 lb.
Acquired November 2001
Starting miles 60200
Current miles 154074

Introduced in 1993 for the US, the R1100RS was the first Oilhead. As such it had its share of changes over the years. Most of these changes affected all Oilhead models.

This bike was an early one - #275, made in April 1993 - so it has the 'beta' specific features like the large valves and the black dashboard. After the 1994 models (this bike is considered a 1994) the dashboard became body-colored. In 1996 the valve sizes were reduced.



R1150RS windshield fully raised
R1150RS windshield up

R1150RS windshield fully lowered
R1150RS windshield down

Closeup of windshield spacer
R1150RS windshield spacer