H16 Power Pak 2091

This $259 kit includes part 2089 (the 6:1 downhaul kit, $159 by itself), 2:1 outhaul, and the cleat with turning block for the Aussie halyard (does not include the Aussie halyard system itself).

6:1 downhaul


The parts shown comprise this kit:

There are no reeving instructions with the kit. Starting at the cleat, I went back up the middle, down to the right, up the right, down across to the left, up the left, and down to the becket.

The upper and lower blocks have small bits where they attach to the shackles which keep them from rotating. It isn't clear to me if this is just for HCA compliance (to keep the downhaul from being adjustable from the trap) or not. Those bits can be removed but the blocks won't rotate very much anyway.

On my mast of unknown age, the hardware for the lower mount did not fit easily into the track. It seems that for some years Hobie was selling masts with a slightly narrower slot. The screws holding the old downhaul cleat were also tight in the slot.

In my opinion the 6:1 downhaul is a wonderful upgrade for our Hobies. All of the downhaul tension you want is an easy pull away. You may have to experience it to understand!

2:1 outhaul


This is simply a mounting tab for the rear of the existing outhaul cleat, with a block to create a 2:1 purchase on the single outhaul line. A replacement rivet for the back of the cleat is provided.

Jib halyard upgrade


The standard jib halyard has a cheek block fastened low on the port side of the mast, which functions as part of the 3:1 purchase on the stock jib halyard system. When the Aussie halyard is used, that block isn't needed (and on older masts it is often broken).

The kit provides:

The idea is that the halyard runs to the original cheek block near the base of the mast, back up to the second turning block, down through the Cammatic and to the original horn cleat. The original lower block may be relocated to the front of the mast and HCA-conforming mounting details are spelled out on the HCA website.

The curved base isn't a great match for the mast, and isn't a great match for the cleat either as it has prongs that presumably engage the bottom of a Ronstan cleat. A better choice is probably the Harken 438.


There isn't real value in buying this kit. The $100 premium over buying the 6:1 downhaul by itself overpays for the cleat ($38), cheek block ($16), 2:1 block ($12?) and a few hardware bits considering you still need to come up with your own cleat pad solution. If the supplied cleat pad fit well, the cost would be about right and the convenience would justify the kit.