Model year history

Model year history

Original main traveller car was sliding metal plate

Original mast step with hook

Early '70s - mast step or base changed to remove hook

1972, '74, maybe later - main traveler with rollers

1977 or thereabouts - 3-hole mast tang

1982 - Shorter shrouds, longer forestay, modified mast step casting to allow for more aft mast rake.

1983 - double-grommeted rear tramp lacing

1984 - weight reduction 340 to 320, red adhesive

1984 - Adjustable rudder castings

1985 - Comptip and main halyard, reef points removed from main

mid-'80s flush boom vang fitting and then removed

mid-'80s clear anodizing ended

1995 - shrouds shortened from 19'2" to 18'11"
- Updated corner castings (injection moldings) and trackless pylons, integrated jib and main traveler tracks
- jib traveller with cleat on pad riveted to crossbar, Delrin sliding car
- Miracle 20-style tiller connectors

1996? - deeper jib traveler track with brass-wheeled cars

mid-late '90s - updated bolt rope in sails

2000 - recut jib?

2004 - another mast step casting change to improve rotation and hold mast bearing chip better

late 2004 - roller bearing jib traveler with cleat on car

2004~5 - EPO2 rudders standard?

2009 - shrouds shortened slightly to 18' 10.25" - bridle lengthened to 3' 9.5"



Jib track/cars/blocks

Early car with integrated cleat
Later car with separate cleat
Deeper integrated track with early car


Early mast track slot

Mainsheet track/cars/blocks

Original main traveler
Original track with slider
Early track with rolling traveler
Integrated track