Jake Satterfield


           G                  C                     G                      D
Jake Satterfield / was not respected / some said if tempted / they bet he'd steal G C D G
No invitations to social parties ever came to Jake Satterfield. With a chestnut mare and an old frame (spring?) wagon / he'd come riding into town. Had an old pet crow, cussing on his shoulder / springfield rifle with the sights filed down Then came the morning (evening), Miss Laurie (Glory?) Johnson / she got lost way back in the hills When the townsfolk gathered, they said, "No one / knows these woods like Jake Satterfield." So they gave him gold and they gave him silver / he said, "I'll try to pick up her trail but if I'm not back by tomorrow evening / just go home 'cause, you'll know I've failed." Now many times green grass has withered / since that morning way back then Jake Satterfield or Miss Laurie Johnson / were never heard from or seen again One winter evening, an old fur trapper / claimed he was dying, in a blizzard (winter) snow Said he was saved by a gold haired woman (lady) / and an old moonshiner on a chestnut mare with an old pet crow.

This song was written by Damon Black, who died in 2005. Performances include:

- Bill and James Monroe, Together Again album (1978, vinyl only)
- The Warrior River Boys, Troubled Times (2006)
- Danny Knicely and Will Lee (and others, easy to find on Youtube)

Porter Wagoner's album The Best I've Ever Been (2000) is a collection of Damon Black's songs but does not include Jake Satterfield.

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