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ABS faults and resetting - ABS1, ABS2, and....  still learning.

Airhead oil pans - and oil pickups and dipsticks

Airhead rocker ams - four different kinds, what can be upgraded?

Airhead oil filters & related parts - meet the dreaded O-ring and canister.

Autocom tech - what you can interface and how.  Mostly covers Pro 3000 and Pro M1.

Battery tech - my ancient article on battery chemistry and care.

BMW alloy wheel comparison info - what is interchangeable with what?

BMW bearing crossreference - if you need to buy them at a local bearing shop (I don't).

K75RT fairing conversion - I did it.  Here's what you need.

K75/K100 rear drive removal - the "Anton method" for easy and fast removal.

K75 lock cylinders - where they're used and how to get them out

R11xx final drives - article now on BMWRA website

Oilhead valve adjustment - briefly and simply described.

The Paralever rear swingarm - One way of explaining what it does (might work for you, might not).

R100GS Paralever and driveshaft geometry - flex angles, and shaft inspection.

R100GS forks - actually they're pretty good. Here's how they work.

R1100 master cylinder leakage -  stop the occasional drip from your early Oilhead front M/C.

R1100 transmissions - the three types of 5-speed gearboxes, differences, and repairs.

R1100/R1150 throttle bodies - fourteen different types: the applications and differences.

Steering head bearing adjustment - for R100GS, other late Airheads, early K.

Valeo starter overhaul - Airhead and Oilhead starter overhaul. Did you know they were nearly identical?