Going North

Anton Largiader

IMG_0853 IMG_0854 IMG_0866 IMG_0871 IMG_0873
Skaggs Spring Road,
emerging onto Highway 1
The Lost Coast GS road Redwood John's yard Me on John's bike

From San Franciso I went north on 101 for about 100 miles, then turned off onto Skaggs Spring Road. The first part of this rivals the Cherohala for quality of construction, but later it turns narrow and bumpy, which was fine also. With little warning, it dumps you out onto the Coastal Highway, with great views of the ocean. Where CA1 leaves the coast, I got onto a (technically closed) dirt road leading out to the lost coast and then up to the Redwoods. Then 1 again up the Oregon coast, and then cutting across the state to cross into Washington at Longview.
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Oregon coast Gratuitous bike pic Oregon lighthouse Timberyards at Longview Iron sculpture

After a brief stint on I-5, smaller roads lead east to Mt. Rainier. I circled the mountain to the south in the evening, camped on the north side and then headed to Seattle. From there, I went up smaller roads to Silver Lake State Park, near the Canadian border.
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Mt. Rainier from the south... ...and the north... ...and the rest of the Cascades Frog crossing Fraser Canyon,
British Columbia

The next day I crossed at Sumas into British Columbia, then used BC1 and BC97 to head north to Quesnell where I spent that night. The next day I continued on to Prince George, then went west on the Yellowhead Highway until I reached the Cassiar.
IMG_0935 IMG_0942 IMG_0954 IMG_0957 IMG_0960
BC has lush forests... ...and desert... ...rivers... ...and farmland. The southern Cassiar.

About 100 miles up the Cassiar is the turnoff for Stewart and Hyder AK. I nearly stayed at a campground there, but decided I wanted to get into Alaska that day, and headed for Hyder. There isn't even a Customs gate going into Hyder!!! I met Jakita, Bud and Phil at the Sealaska campground and we spent the next few nights togeether working our way farther north.
IMG_0965 IMG_0978 IMG_1005 IMG_1011 IMG_1020
The four Musketeers Salmon glacier, near Hyder AK Northern Cassiar More Alaska Highway starts flat...

We took the Alaska Highway to Deadhorse, spent the night at Takhini Hot Springs and then headed south to Skagway.
...but gets better rapidly.